Hollow win

Well, I won the song battle with my students. I learned Someday by IU, I’m the Best by 2NE1, and Love in the Milky Way by 10cm.

But, they didn’t have time to do it. The three of them, fifth and sixth graders, they were staying up until midnight to complete their ‘vacation homework’. After their rounds studying flute, piano. calligraphy, abacus, science, math and more, they were exhausted. During that week, for the first time ever, I saw these students struggling to keep their eyes open in class.

So, I didn’t have the heart to extract my payment of pizza from them, if they failed to learn the three songs they chose: Lemon Tree (done), You Are My Sunshine (done), Puff the Magic Dragon (fail).

Think it’s easy? Try singing along with this one: Someday by IU. (It’s the easiest of the three.)

It took me roughly 100-200 listens to get each song down, plus lots of writing down the pronunciation so I could do it. Then, it took multiple tries to get a song down, as I recorded my singing track on top of the original using the free audio program, Audacity.

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