Life on Mars …a lot like Korea?

I have a class of five middle school girls. The theme of the unit is Life on Mars. We did a brainstorming group doodle on the whiteboard first, where the students filled the board with images and words: domes, jetpacks, satellites, astronaut suits, comets, craters, asteroids.

We read an email dated 2028 from a boy on Mars, then they had to write an email describing their life on Mars. Does this sound like Korea to you?

  • By now, half the population of Earth has moved to Mars. We attend high school and university, just as on Earth, so now there is heavy competition to enter university.
  • On Mars, we go to schools and academies, but it’s hard to understand the accent of my teacher, who is an Alien.
  • It’s even worse than earth, on Mars, because we have to learn many new Alien languages (not just English)
  • There are many domes on Mars, but it’s boring here because you can never leave your dome to visit other domes. You are stuck in your dome.

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