Other deadly sins are like venomous snakes. Poised, tail rattling, wrath or lust can strike deep at a single moment, destroying a marriage, a reputation or a life.

You think Envy should be a venial sin, that it’s more like an annoying mosquito bite than a deadly snakebite.

But, other sins only have certain seasons, or times of life, or situations where they strike.  Envy slips arm in arm to ‘help’ anyone, anywhere. Envy is just as comfortable with a baby as she takes her first bite of food, her old grandma drawing in her last breath, a streetkid or a CEO.

Envy is not a single mosquito. It’s a never-ending supply of mosquitoes, a stagnant larvae-filled pond. And when Envy bites, it opens the door for all other deadly sins.

A small example…

Anyone that’s made lunch for little kids knows it’s not as easy as it looks. The planning and finesse that goes into delivering a couple bowls of steaming macaroni and cheese, microwaved peas, a cut apple, and cups of milk cannot be understated. It requires that the morning outing stimulated them a little and wore them out a little more. Perfect timing means the microwave dings, as Sesame Street ends.

  “Lunch!” You smile at your sweet darlings as they climb onto their chairs. You’re wiping your hands, contentedly, when you detect the whine of the mosquito Envy.

“I wanted the red cup! Why does SHE always get the red cup!”

Other sins soon follow.

Written for the Lighthouse Seven Deadly Sins 250-word Competition

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