Hiking Abundance!

The amount of variety, choice, range of scenery and difficulty, the amount of resources and trail maps, the access to trails by bus!!!  It’s all just overwhelming. And that’s a wonderful thing!

The picture here was taken by my friend Kris with the panoramic feature on her new camera, on a hike we did in early October to Geomunoreum. For this hike, you must reserve a spot and go with a guide. Was it free or a few bucks? I can’t remember. I just remember it was lovely.

There are also over a dozen Olle trails, which are marked trails that meander around the island, and an info booth at the airport with maps and help.

The coolest thing though is that you can take a local bus to the entrance of most national parks. This makes it easy even to hike in one way, and return from a different part. This is a good idea when doing an Olle trail or when hiking the ‘big mountain’ here, Mt. Halla.

There are also dozens of smaller hiking trails. Jeju is dotted with oreums, small volcanic burps. Walk up one and get a lovely view. You’ll also probably find some outdoor exercise equipment and a temple.

Not sure what do to? Ask a friend, ask the Olle information person at Family Mart, or call the tourist info line at 064-1330. Nice and easy.

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