The first class I taught in Saudi had an activity that was a quiz, like the personality tests you take in a women’s magazine.

This one was a Stress Test. Students had to answer, then score their quiz to determine their stress levels. 

The questions were topics such as:

– Do you ever rush through dinner? 

– Do you take time to meet with friends often?

– Do you get 7-8 hours of sleep every night? 

– Do you have time to have enjoyable conversations with your family? 

– Do you worry about your future?

Not a single girl scored in the “Stressed Out” category. All my students scored well in the “Stress Free” category.

Had this test been given in Korea, it’s my bet that the results would have been reversed. 

Koreans justify their go-go mentality with the reasoning, “We have to study because we have to compete. We have no resources here, only people.”

Saudi Arabia does have a lot of resources, and they are definitely more relaxed. 

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