Rain Day in Riyadh

Rain Day – Elementary Schools Close due to Flooding Tuesday 29-Nov

We were surprised when we got to school Tuesday to find that only a handful of students arrived for each of the morning classes (out of about 25 students normally). There was a light to moderate rain, but nothing remarkable compared to many places. But in Riyadh, there’s no place for the rain to go, so intersections and roads flood quickly.

But, based on the weather prediction, elementary schools in Riyadh and elsewhere were given a ‘holiday’, the day before because of predicted inclement weather.

The few students who had attended left mid-morning, so no students were there for our afternoon classes. Teachers stayed until our regular ending time of 3:15pm. Some of us walked home, with a few detours to avoid growing puddles.

By almost 5 pm, I walked down to our nearest intersection and took photos of the cars splashing their way through the almost 1’ deep water. As I walked back, I could hear prayer calls drifting in the air. Even during rain, flooding and traffic jams, prayer calls are still happening. They weren’t canceled due to weather!

Schools in some areas closed after Met warning for Tuesday

Arab News, RIYADH: The Ministry of Education has declared a holiday on Tuesday for all schools in Riyadh, Qassim, Hail and in the Eastern Province. The ministry issued the directive as a precautionary measure following Presidency of Meteorology and Environment Protection (PME) projections of expected inclement weather conditions in these areas from Monday night.

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