Fast talker

A common topic at our uni is how much junk food is offered by the vendors and consumed by the students. So, they admit to eating junk food or nothing but coffee, dates and chocolate. 

So, when one of my students was unusually tired, I asked her if she was feeling okay. She said, yes, but didn’t look it. Her friend sitting next to her say, “Teacher, she hasn’t eaten anything today.”

“What?,”I said, “Why didn’t you eat? You need to take care of yourself and eat healthy food.” I nearly wagged my finger at her, my tone was so preachy.

“No, Teacher,” they wanted to say something more but didn’t have the words. They asked other students, then finally, “She’s fasting! Special day for Muslims.”

Oh crap! I’ve done it again. 

The Day of Ashura is observed by some Muslims by fasting. 

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