Smartphone: GPS …aha, so that’s where I am!

Smartphone GPS: Aha, so that’s where I am!

Click on the photo to link to the google map of my route from home (left) to work (right). Zooming out is fun.

I had a heck of a time figuring out exactly where my apartment and the campus were. Street signs are in Arabic, roads zig zag, and I couldn’t figure it out with paper or online maps.

Until, I got my new phone. I haven’t been much of a smartphone user, mostly because of the cost of using them. But last weekend, I settled on a Samsung Galaxy Android phone. After I bought it, I realized it has GPS.

I was able to mark home and mark school, then put that into Google maps and it generated my walk to school exactly.

Riyadh is a fast growing, sprawling metropolis of 10 million ish inhabitants, who use a variety of languages. So being able to show where you are accurately on a map is really valuable. You can also text or email your location to someone.

Tonight, we went on a little outing to a shopping center. I watched the blue arrow showing my location move as our vehicle traveled, and for the first time began got a sense of some major roads. Wow, with a little more practice, I might be able to direct a driver home.

Smart. phone. I get it, now.

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