Starbucks Gender Segregation

Starbucks Gender Segregation

I walked into the Starbucks in the fancy Kingdom Tower mall. At the counter, the man there asked me, “Please, can you use the families section?” Where? “Around and to the left.”

I’d walked into the men’s only section. It looked exactly like most Starbucks I’ve seen elsewhere in the world: US, Canada, Korea. But, I should be learning by now.

The family section is actually another Starbucks, so the two are next to each other. Family Sections in general have frosted glass on the lower section so as to prevent men from looking at women. This Starbucks had ample space for women to not only purchase, but also to sit and enjoy their drinks.

In the photo, you can see the men’s Starbucks on the left, and the families Starbucks on the right (where the woman and boy are coming out)

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