Student center surprises

Last week, when we walked into school, we saw that about 20 sofas had been
added to one of the rooms of the student cafeteria – center area.

Yesterday, it was recreation equipment:

– two brand new pool tables, complete with balls, cues and racks
– two foosball tables
– two ping pong tables …still with the plastic wrap on and no
equipment to go with it

This is in a place where we don’t have a printer yet that the teacher’s can
use to print handouts for our classes, so more than one teacher were pretty
upset with budget choices.

But at lunchtime, we played pool for a few minutes with some of the
students. And realize that it is a huge value to them. In general, Saudi
girls have little or no opportunity to exercise or play sports (if you
don’t count shopping, drinking coffee, eating dates & chocolate as sports).
So, it was nice to play with them and see so many girls doing something
other than sitting, talking and eating.

As a side note, the male teachers in our hotel walk to a pool / ping pong
place near our hotel. But women aren’t allowed in. So, yeah, maybe it’s a
good investment for them.

Today, is “Peace Day”. It’s a fair in another of the main center spaces of
the university. Some of the students are walking around to teacher’s rooms,
giving out cards to non-Muslims, wearing T-Shirts that have a quote from
the Quran. Booths, free food, free CD’s of the Quran. Signs about “Allah,
the Brain and Deep Sea Waves”, “Quran”, “Hijab”.

Makes me wonder, what I’ll find tomorrow!

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