Signs from Above

Signs from Above

Those huge banners that we first saw a couple days ago at the ‘Peace Day’ fair at school… They are now gracing our halls. The banners are about 5’ high and either self-standing or attached to walls.

The topics: Quran Part 1, the Hijab, and the Islamic Code.

This is a pretty big school with about 2,000 students, in three floors, and a few connected buildings.

The banners have been strategically placed, it seems, in one hallway. That of the foreign English teachers where the most non-Muslims are located.

There is no separation of church and state either. Our university is named after the current king, and the school is an Islamic foundation, through and through.

Remember, there is no religious freedom in Saudi Arabia. So, if you’re a citizen, you’re Muslim.

And then, there are those of us who aren’t …yet.

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