Channeling Dad

I figured out how to channel my ancestor. It’s eerily simple. I learned this ceremony by watching him repeat it every night. He never taught it, but I know it perfectly nonetheless.

Wait until night has fallen. It must be near the stroke of ten. The house should be nearly silent. Prepare a porcelain vessel. Pause again listening.

Wearing stocking-ed or slippered feet, glide from the lit side to the dark side. Raise your left hand. Insert your forefinger in the brass ring and press, then slide the wood out of the way. Peer inside and find the container. Grab it deftly with your right hand. Turn swiftly and glide out of the darkness.

Tip the container up and let the ringlets tinkle into the porcelain vessel. Check behind you and make sure no creature has stirred awake. If not, open the gleaming white box and remove the animal fluid. Prop the door open with your leg and reach to splash the fluid into the vessel, shove the fluid back in the box and let the door softly close tightly behind you.

Carry the vessel in one hand and a silver spoon in another.

Sit down and enjoy a bowl of Cheerios. I smile as I’m remembering my day. And my dad is right there with me.

7 thoughts on “Channeling Dad

  1. Love the precise instructions – can actually SEE you and dad, smell the sweet cheerios. (Tried the crushed saltines in a late-night glass of milk?)

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