Ti Amo

Life is amazing, isn’t it? Every day there is something mind-blowing and wonderfully unique.

Today, after a bicycle ride to the beach, I decided to hang out in a local coffee shop. It is named “Ti Amo” and it’s a bit off the beaten path. Last time I went there it was abandoned and I was the only patron for most of the two hours I worked there. But, it had a very good feel … the ambiance and the owner’s smile.

Today, it’s a bustling place. It’s like the day after Christmas here …the day after Chuseok. It’s a national holiday, and schools are closed and it’s a rare family time day.

When I went upstairs to the seating area, I noticed a little girl and her mom. There was an intravenous (IV) drip hanger and the tube running to the little girl. Wow, I’ve never seen this in a coffee shop!

A few minutes later, another family appeared from the second floor entrance. The little boy had an IV tube, and the father was pushing the IV hanger. Families taking a break from the hospital scene in this little coffee shop named “I love you.”

How lovely indeed!

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