Ask: I wonder if there’s a better way…or how to overcome limiting beliefs

The fact that we adopt limiting beliefs affects us not only on the deepest levels, but on the practical levels of our daily lives.

Take my phone, for example. (Okay, now, give it back! haha)

When I arrived in Korea, my friend gave me the phone he’d been using. He told me I needed to go to one specific shop to recharge it. Okay, that seems strange, but I accepted it at first.

Then, the owner of the phone took me one day to resolve some issues. She told me, we always have to go to this shop. But, to my surprise, it was a different shop just a block away from the one my friend had shown me. Huh?! They do look similar from outside, but one is four times bigger than the other.

“How can I check my balance,” I asked the phone’s owner. She said, “Oh no, you can’t.” But she asked anyhow, and guess what, you can! By simply dialing *10. The store owner said you have to be able to speak Korean though, so have a friend with you when you call. I tried it and it was an automated service and within seconds, I received a text showing me my balance.

At the end of the visit, I asked her to check and see if I could recharge my phone at any of the brand’s service centers. She asked and the answer was, “Yes!”, any store can do it. She was shocked.

A few weeks later, my phone was out of credit. It was a Sunday night and I knew that only a few of the shops would be open. Hmm. What to do?

I googled it! And sure enough, I figured out a way to recharge my phone through a simple phone call to the automated service center.


Accepting that we operate within layers and layers of limiting beliefs makes life more exciting! Instead of accepting a crappy situation with everyone saying it must be like that, go ahead and wonder,

I wonder if there’s a better way!

Poke around and chances are good, you’ll find some way that is more elegant and more enjoyable.

In this way, I think being effective is an integral part of my spiritual path. To flail around, wasting time and resources, complaining and moping about, but not trying something new keeps me stuck.

Asking if there’s a better way is the first step to finding one.

Funny, that a few days later I was telling a friend that I was having problems with my phone and needed to find an English-speaking friend to go with me to the phone store. He said that there are plenty of service staff that speak English. I told him no, not in my town. Later, I realized, again, I could google my problem and find a solution in English. And, the next day, I did!

So, a lesson that I forget will be reviewed! Challenging situations present themselves and give me new opportunities to practice overcoming limiting beliefs and enjoying life more.

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