Instant love without fear

Ghana changed me. I experienced instant love, without fear, for the first time.

As a mom, I knew what this was to love like this. I knew it from the moment I met my husband, too.

But in Ghana, I felt it in encounters of every kind. People who I’d just met were unafraid to hug me, hold my hand, walk with me, sit with me. People there became close friends instantly.

During this time, I also realized that I, on the other hand, loved on the surface like this, but operated as if I was fragile at my core.

Meditation helped me learn to be solid at my core, so I too can love without fear. Instantly. Now when I meet you, I want to hold your hand and tell you, “I love you!”

Every day, I give thanks for the people and twists and turns in life that brought me there, brought me here!

That love that I felt…that’s what this poem is about:

Mama Africa

To instantly love without being fragile is the greatest love of all.




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