Poem: Eodi Ga?

2010 08 16 Hwangryeonsan 038

I was doing fine before you

Without you.

Then, you found me.

You loved me.

You disappeared.

Eodi ga?



The big hat you wore

Didn’t fit anymore

Your car and your cash

Just walked out the door

Leaving you.

Only you.


But it was only you I loved.

Eodi ga?

Balli wa!


Then, you came back!

Life felt right in your arms

Life felt soft as a feather

Ah, I sighed,

We can do this together.

You will get stronger.

Stay a little longer.


But when daylight broke

I saw it in your eyes.

Like a switch turning ‘off’

Or maybe ‘on’.

No, no, no. Not again.

You were gone.

Eodi ga?


So there you are

Out there on your own

Are you trying to save face?

Unwilling to come back

Until everything is in place?



All I know

Is you left me

Loving you.

Only you.

Eodi ga?


Korean phrases:

Eodi ga? – Where are you? Where did you go?

Balli wa! – Come quickly; Hurry back!

Molla-yo – I don’t know

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