How meditation helps overcome addiction and compulsive behaviors


We all have areas in our life where we struggle to stay in control. The battle is one part of ourselves unable to control another part of ourselves.

Meditation helps because it’s a chance to sit down with all sides of yourself and come to an agreement. It is simply time to allow the thoughts to be expressed and examined. It’s a place to wonder why is one part of me trying to hurt myself? What is that about? Does that make any sense?

And it’s a time to energize your spirit. I don’t know what this power is or where it comes from. But there’s a healing that definitely happens during meditation.

Self-mastery is one of the benefits of meditation. So, next time you notice that you are arguing with yourself, try meditation. Starting your day with a few minutes can make a world of difference.

More about addiction recovery:

Addiction: Tenaciously Lying to Oneself, chapter in my book Tuning In to Inner Peace

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