Double it!


This past week I improved life with a simple change: Double it!

I’ve been making green juice once or twice a week. Also, this month I have a new schedule working six hours straight with only five minute breaks between classes… I often arrived home wiped out.

From a video I watched by Kris Carr and  the same advice from a friend, came the idea, why not
make an extra juice to drink at school! I added this to my standard snack of walnuts and almonds.

I did this yesterday, and have mine all ready for today. I arrived home feely nourished and calm. And this self love also helps me be fun and loving even for my last class of the day!

Amazing to me how encouraging words, an open mind and small steps can continually improve our lives… In leaps and bounds.

Are you doing some small positive action in your life? Could you double it?

Cheers! Gumbae!

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