Poem: I Will Keep Trying …a Haiku

I will keep trying /

I tried giving up, but then /

Love’s knocking again

About the poem

Relationships are where we hash out the spiritual evolution work that needs to be done. I don’t have relationship drama anymore, except very rarely. It is these rare relationships that challenge me. I was not satisfied with the advice friends gave, to give up.  I tried that though, indeed, I tried to give up.

But, then, I thought, I need a super-mentor now. So, I went to the mountain. My mentor, a Buddhist nun, counseled me differently than others.  She told me to let go of friendship as a transaction. You just want to see someone as their Light. That’s it.

With this approach, all the stories drop away. I can’t get hurt by loving someone. I can’t order a made-to-order friend online to meet my every specification (…or can I! haha).  I can appreciate the love we share. Yep, that’s it.

Go to him. Talk. Go often. …that’s the message I got. That’s what I’m doing now and it seems to work. I’ll probably relapse a few times into neediness. But, I feel a heck of a lock better trying, than when I simply give up.

I find no peace when I give up on love.

About Joan

Joan Gregerson hopes you will choose to give up worrying and enjoy life! Author of:

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