Poem: No One to Hate …#PrayforBoston and all of us – Day 20 of NaPoWriMo

No One to Hate

Setting off bombs that ruin happy celebrations?

I have done that

Leaving landmines in my wake, that harm innocents that follow me?

I have done that

Threatening to hurt if I don’t get my way?

I have done that

Greedily taking what wasn’t mine?

I have done that

Turning away instead of responding to your call for help?

I have done that

I don’t see terror

With my eyes

I see what you see

When I see you

I see me

I can find no one to hate

About the author

Joan Gregerson hopes you will find a way to forgive yourself and others, to tune in to inner peace, and love and laugh today. She writes books and blogs about this.

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