Poem: Uh oh, were there thorns? …a Haiku

Were there thorns

I tossed you a rose

You caught it, then winced and bled

Uh oh… were there thorns?

About the poem:

Sometimes we think we are giving pure love. But, it’s not received that way. Hmm. That happens. There’s no use getting stuck in guilt.

Just learn from the experience, and think twice before repeating the same action. You can’t always predict other’s reactions. Allow the fact that either you really did something wrong, or the other person may be reacting to some  unhealed wound or complicating issues you don’t know about.

Either way, learn, forgive, take healing steps, and stay loving. That’s enough.

About the author:

Joan has thrown many thorny roses in her lifetime, all with the best intentions! Read her books on Amazon.com and her blog about how to enjoy life by tuning in to inner peace.

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