Poem: Fairy Hands Massage …a Haiku

while wandering

the fairy hands massage me

working out the kinks

2013-04-10 10.41.00 fairy hand massage

About the poem:

Unlike running on a treadmill, walking in nature at any speed seems to do the trick. Walking slowly, going nowhere in particular feels just as healing for me, as purposefully heading to the peak.

When I learned meditation, I was surprised that the elements of nature are used in guided meditation, and meditating in nature is best. Duh! Of course, nature helps balance us.  But, I didn’t really think about it before. haha. Now I know. Nature is THE natural primo balancer, healer.

About the author:

Joan Gregerson writes about how to enjoy life. tick tick tick. Time’s awasting, start enjoying! Her books are available in paperback and as ebooks on Amazon.com.

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