Poem: Mommyhood

Tire swing
Shel Silverstein
Leaf pile
Tutu style
Squirt gun
Sprinkler run
Nap in the sun
Water balloon
Goodnight Moon

About the poem:

I have always felt lucky to be a mommy. Growing up, I never wanted to be an engineer. Just a mommy. So when I found a great guy and had kids, I knew I was lucky! When our kids were growing up, their dad and I took turns staying home with them. Yes, it’s not an easy job being a parent, but it is a damn good job!

4 thoughts on “Poem: Mommyhood

  1. My parents were workaholics. My Mom would work mornings from 6-2, and then my Dad would pick her up and us from school later, and then he went to work at 5-1. My Mom taught my Dad how to braid my sister’s and mine hair. So every morning he would braid our hair before he took us to school. They never really had much time to themselves I found. But we couldn’t afford a baby sitter or nanny and hence this is what they felt was best. I do appreciate what they did and realize how it must have been hard, and more so now.

    • I wonder how it feels to be here in Korea and see this workaholism in a country where that is the norm, I think. So it’s not seen as a problem.

      This is hard for me to understand and accept. I had a lot of time with my kids and it’s the biggest blessing of my life. I hope all parents could have that too. And all kids!

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