Poem: U-aholic

I’m a u-aholic

And you’re a me-aholic

But with us

It’s like being addicted to

A glass of water

Or a morning stretch

Or sliced cucumber


I’m addicted to you

And you’re addicted to me

But we have no jittery side effects

No plans of kicking the habit


One often says I love you

The other says, I love you, too.


And after a few days

One says, I miss you.

The other says, I miss you too.

One says, Let’s go for a walk!

The other says, Yes, when?


These simple words between us

Make us simply

Best friends


About the poem:

With some people, you just click. With a friend like this, there is no drama, no trauma. Keeping in touch is not a chore. Hanging out is not a bore! It’s sooooo simple, it’s hard to say exactly why. I just know that these easy friendships are the most beautiful: least effort and most rewarding.

Having and giving time for friends is never a small gift. It is always priceless.

About the author:

Joan Gregerson writes about walking, talking and healing in books (on Amazon and Kindle) and on her bloggity-doggity-woohoo-shmoggity. I’m just asaying. Let’s have a little fun before we die. Every day. Please. Thank you!


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