Poem: Falling in Lonely?

Falling in Lonely?

I’m not lonely now

If I fall in love with you

Will I be lonely then?

2013-04-05-samch-124 Falling in Lonely

About the poem:

It takes a strong person to take responsibility for their own emotions. Am I strong enough to do this, when in an intimate relationship? That, I don’t know. I’d say, so far, the results have been inconclusive! Is it fair to enter a relationship, if you can’t? Or does the relationship provide you the way to become strong? Hmm

About the author:

C’mon! Let’s enjoy the day! Joan Gregerson writes books and blogs about her ideas of how to do just that. What is on your to do list that is more important than that?

2 thoughts on “Poem: Falling in Lonely?

  1. Joan, I can not get ENOUGH of your wonderful mind! I devour every poem you post and its origin. Just had to let you know.

    Your forever follower,

    • Dear Susan, wow really!? Thank you! Your work at ponderingpool.com also inspires and delights me! I hope it is okay if you and I are addicted to each other, like sliced cucumber. I hope we can sit and chat for hours in person sometime, somewhere. Until then, With love, joan

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