Poem: Life’s Instruction Book …a Haiku

Life’s instruction book

Open it, then remember

It’s blank. Grab a pen.

About the poem:

When I’m trying to make a decision, now I’m sure, the answer lies within. And it might not be exactly yes or no, stay or go, right or wrong. It might also be that the answer is less important than the asking. Or some confusing, but delightful puzzle, like that to provide a growth opportunity!

This is why meditation, nature, exercise, quiet time, creative ventures, music, dancing and the like are so important. They are the pathways to hearing your own inner voice.

About the author:

Joan wants you to relax and figure out how to enjoy life. She has learned a thing or two about this in the previous 52 years and is passionate about sharing this.  Her books are available on Amazon and Kindle.


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