Poem: Sunset Slurpee


Hold it right there!
I want to paint you
To capture you
To memorize you

The blues and blacks
Reds and orange chunks
Yellow and white streaks
Melting across the sky
Spilling onto the water

Wait right there!
I can’t find my brush
My palette is all wrong
Slow down

Swirling around
Dripping from the sun
Into the sea
I can’t catch up

Ah, I give up
I’ll just sit here
Dangle my legs
And kick my feet

Sip you
Slurp you
Suck the last bit from the bottom of the cup
And drink you up



6 thoughts on “Poem: Sunset Slurpee

  1. Having had the gift of living with Joan for 4 joyful days, I revel in her poetry. This gal actually lives her words. You are my chingu!

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