Poem: Discombobulated


Bumped into you

I’m discombobulated

Give me just a sec

To freshen up

About the poem:

In Sahaja meditation I learned about something I’d experienced a lot, but never named. That is, that when we aren’t solid, we tend to pick up negative energy from others. I think of it as having a leak in my force field.

This happens normally throughout the day. But when I’m dealing with an addict, a serious mental illness, or a confused intimate relationship, I’m even more likely to get out of balance.

There are two strategies: One is to protect myself before I meet others by balancing and protecting my own force field. The second is to acknowledge that it’s natural to get a bit unbalanced as I move through your day.

I can strengthen and restore my inner peace through quiet time, meditation, nature, music, dance, art, nutrition, play and exercise.

I like the idea of excusing myself to freshen up, because I don’t need to pick up bad juju then spread it around. When I’m not feeling peaceful, beautiful, it takes just a sec to freshen up.

p.s. Isn’t discombobulated a fabulous word!

About the author:

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