Poem: Flying through the night …a Haiku

Pedaling my bike
Sailing through pools of street light
Flying through the night

About the poem:
What freedom! Do you know when I lived in Saudi Arabia, riding my bike was the biggest thing I missed? Now, riding my bike around town on summer nights …flying like a crazy witch on a broom. Great!

4 thoughts on “Poem: Flying through the night …a Haiku

  1. NIce! So, I assume that in Saudi Arabia women can’t ride their bikes alone, just as they can’t be out alone, can’t drive, etc.?

    • Hi Diana! Ah, well, it’s not that it’s directly illegal. But, it is required by law to wear an abaya (a black cloak that reaches below your ankles). And it is frowned on even for women to walk alone, which we did often, but it’s seen as a little racy, or disrespectful. So, to jump on a bicycle wearing an abaya is technically difficult and would be considered very disrespectful. I used to dream about masquerading as a man to try to pull this off! So happy these days, to just jump on my bike and ride!
      Nice hearing from you Diana!

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