Poem: Gratitude for a Bandaid

2013-06-02 Bandaid Gratitude (1)

A small cut

Blood dripping red

What a sight

A single band-aid


In the pale moonlight

Thank you to the

Hundred of hands

Who did it

Who tucked this

Stretchy miracle

In my first aid kit

Thank you and


Now I can sleep tight!


About the poem:

I don’t think there’s anything too small to be grateful for. As my godson Sean recently wrote over at urtheinspiration.wordpress.com, gratitude has transformed his life. It has mine too! Some say it’s a copout to be thankful for little things when the rest of your life is going to shit. But you know what, life is full of challenges, but that’s only part of the picture. There is always plenty to be grateful for. Being thankful feels like I’ve already succeeded in whatever I thought I was trying to do. When I remember to be glad for this breath, this day or this band-aid, life is better for me.

And last night when I cut my finger during a cleaning project, I sure was thankful for that band-aid and everyone who made it possible for it to be there, when blood was dripping sparsely, but brightly on the kitchen floor!




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