Poem: As Only Two Angels Can

Am I really a crazy devil

With wacky ideas

And unrealistic demands?

…I wondered…

But then you strode into my life

We walked to the beach and the bridge

The mountain and temple

We ate bibimbap

And pot bing su

We met

On Monday mornings,

And Saturday nights

We drank jujube tea

And iced coffee

We sang songs

We sent emoticons


We said

I’ll be with you, forever

You shook my hand

Then we hugged goodbye

As only

Two angels can


Korean food:

bibimbap – rice and vegetable mix

pot bing su – shaved ice, cream, fruit, and rice cake


About the poem:

I don’t like the sentence, “You saved me.” I don’t believe anyone is ever damaged to begin with. But, truly we can lift each other up. Especially after a confusing relationship, an easy one can feel like being saved. When you find a friend who appreciates all you have to offer, you do feel like you’ve met a special delivery angel. Well, I did. And thank my lucky stars for him as he takes off on his next adventure. I wonder who will benefit from his easy friendship and angelic smile.

About the author:

Joan Gregerson writes about love and what she has learned about how to do it better. Is there anything more important? She blogs and writes books. Books on Amazon and Kindle.

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