Poem: I’m Rich

2013-06-01 Gaksan (10)

I’m Rich

When I’m

Here and now

I’m rich

When I’m


I’m poor

Too poor to pay attention

About the poem:

The expression “too poor to pay attention” was the end of many a joke. It was a great way to describe yourself on a day without any change in your pocket or money in your bank account.

But today, as we looked at photos from our nearby mountain, we were marveling at the individual hairs of a single flower and we were content. In French, “Je suis contente” is “I am happy.”

So, I was thinking again about how being mindful is to be content is to be happy. To notice and be filled up with the beauty of something or someone before me is to  zoom into happiness.  To feel that I am rich! To know I’m rich!

And to live a busy stressful life is to be poor. Too poor to pay attention.

About the author:

For over 40 years, Joan Gregerson spent a lot of time being too poor to pay attention. After hitting the jackpot and feeling suddenly ‘rich’, she wrote a couple books. Buy them!

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