Poem: Like I Left the Iron On

I feel like I left the iron on, but  I went back in and it’s definitely off

I feel like my socks don’t match, but they do

I feel like I forgot my keys, but they’re right here

I feel like I missed your call, but you didn’t

About the poem:

If we were once close, then become distant, on waking, there will often be an uneasiness. The trick is how to scan the situation, clean up my personal vibe toward that person, and if need be, to wait patiently.

When I review the situation, I can usually come up with a good solid step. That step can be to send a message or a photo, or just to send love and stay quiet.

The next step is to accept that we can’t control another person, and figure out how to trade out the uneasiness with inner peace.




2 thoughts on “Poem: Like I Left the Iron On

  1. Reminds me so much of when we were younger. My father rarely matches his socks, one blue and one black, or one black and one brown. We would notice and tell him and he would often tell us that no one is noticing his socks since he wears long pants and shoes, it is not really noticeable. And they are both dark so it is hard to tell. Then he would also say that if they have time to notice his socks they are not his true friends.

    • Ah, speaking of storytelling, the story about your dad is a great story! And that reminds me that on April Fools day, my dad would pretend to be leaving the house without his trousers on. Just his hat, coat, long underwear, shirt, and black socks and shoes. haha, nice to remember those days! Thanks for the comment!

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