Poem: Out of the Fog


Ah, there you are

When that fog rolled in

So quickly

So thickly

I thought I’d lost you

I thought I’d imagined you

But there you are

Here you are

Not as a wispy cold ghost

Or a fond memory

But as a human

A simple human

The human I remember

Talking and smiling

Sitting with me

Here we are

But, I’m wondering

Will it be clear tomorrow?

Or more fog?

Ah, who cares


Here we are

About the poem:

I try to be strong when things are rough. But, it’s nice when things are easy and there is no need to be strong at all: when a friend is a friend, when there is no fog of confusion to wade through.

Staying in love when the fog does roll in is the tricky part, but it is a much better solution than giving up. (I say, having tried both!)

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