Poem: The Heroic Pause

In that space between
What you’ve finished
And what you want to start next
There is a heroic pause

Don’t be fooled
Into thinking
You are waiting
Or killing time

Right now
The universe has cleared a space for you
In this heroic pause
You can move free of the binds of
The daily life that will soon engulf you
You are the one
The one that can dance
Or swoop in
You can help carry a heavy burden
Or sit for hours bedside

You are the superhero
In the drama unfolding before your eyes

Lace up your shoes
Slick back your hair
Get comfy in your shiny suit
It’s showtime for
Your heroic pause


About the poem:
I don’t believe in ‘waiting’ anymore. Every time is an important time in our lives. And from recent examples, I can see that those few weeks, months or years between our ‘normal’ lives, is often when something really valuable is happening in a family or relationship. It is these pauses, where someone has more time and leeway to respond, that evolution often happens …alcoholism is finally overcome, or a conflicted relationship is healed, or a family bonds together after an emotional or financial crisis.

Are you really stuck right now or are you actually in a ‘heroic pause’?

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