Poem: Her Smile


Her smile is her spirit meeting ours

Her smile is the simple truth

Her smile lingers in our hearts

Her smile goes on

Her smile


About the poem:

A friends’ teenage daughter recently took her own life. In thinking about such a short life, when we think of a smiling face we can see the love and beauty that is timeless. When all the words and ideas become confusing,  the reminder of a sweet smile lingers and says, “Love”. Again and again, “Love”.

2 thoughts on “Poem: Her Smile

    • Thanks Bharati! I heard Byron Katie talk about how it isn’t fair for us to think that short lives are somehow less valuable than long lives. And that we need to be careful about how we talk about that. That’s what I was trying to express.
      Thanks for reading!!! And let’s keep writing together!

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