Poem: I Don’t Need to Know

I know enough
To know
I don’t need to know


About the poem:

For many decades, I didn’t have this phrase in my vocabulary: “I don’t need to know”. Oh no no no… I needed to know! I really needed to know! I deserved an explanation! I had to know exactly why! I wanted the gory details of every twist and turn.

And, still, I can get caught up in this.

But luckily this week, I haven’t. Even as some big changes are happening with my job (as in my contract is suddenly not being renewed), and the change is not being explained to me in detail, I’m still okay. I do take the normal routes, asking basic questions, asking to sit down and talk, and asking for someone’s help to clear up any misunderstandings. But, when someone continually evades the questions, then I can let it go. In the 12-step programs, this is coined, “Giving up the ‘need to know’.”

Lives are complex  and it’s hard to guess what someone else is going through. We are all doing our best, so I can stay loving and move on.

I just need to know enough to understand what actions I should take, and that is enough. Any more than that, I don’t need to know.

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