Poem: Not Even Green

2013-06-28 Gaksan (19)

Not even green
Is black and white


About the poem:

When I first thought of this poem (or it was delivered to me, whatever!), I was thinking about how in a situation, rarely do people see it the same way. So, maybe I’m not so goddang right as I’d like to believe. (Uh oh, so, maybe everybody else is not so goddang wrong.)

I was also thinking about how when I was learning to paint in Ghana, I was freaking out about color mixing and matching for this elephant I was painting. My teacher and friend told me to chill out because there is never a single color in nature anyhow. So, even for a color like green, you need to use black, blue, grey, white, yellow, etc depending on the light and …stuff.

The photo of ‘green’ is from today’s hike at my favorite Samcheonpo mountain, Gaksan.

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