Poem: Near You Again


Ah, to be near you again
How long has it been?
Since we spent our days together
Lazily, easily, my friend

Ah, to be near you again
Knowing this time
We have hours, not months

Ah, to be near
Tomorrow, don’t interfere
Tomorrow, get outta here!

Ah, to be near you again
Let me soak you in
My friend
So near, So dear

About the poem:

Returning to a place I once lived is a rush! To hang out again with a dear, dear friend that I moved away from is a gift beyond measure. How can we enjoy this day together knowing tomorrow I will leave again? Small, needy love is no use now, with the truth being that we don’t know if or when we will meet again. Big love is the only kind of love strong enough to keep us open, thankful and hopeful!

The sea where I used to swim, the hill I used to hike, the bus I used to ride, the stone statues and walls, the people at the local shops are also friends I am happy to see again!

This photo was taken in Jeju-do, South Korea, famous for the harebang stone grandfather statues, like this one!

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