Poem: Get Down

2013-07-13 Jejudo (1)

Don’t ignore me anymore

Get down on the floor

I just want you,


For a minute or two,


All to myself

Then I’ll be off

I have things to do

About the poem:

If you’ve ever taken care of kids, you know that you can ignore them and make yourselves miserable for hours. Or you can submit yourself completely. And usually within a few minutes, they’re done and on to something or someone else.

If your kid is cranky and whiny, get down!

The best part of my last weekend was being woken up by a one- and tw0-year-old who smothered me with their chubby baby selves, hugs and mostly unintelligible demands. Haha, great!

About the Author:

Joan wants to get down with you! Read her blog or books on Amazon and Kindle.

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