Poem: I’m Not Afraid to Say “I Love You”

2012-08-09 Jersey City Thursday Morning (26)

I’m not afraid to say “I love you”
I think you are,
And I think you do.
Or maybe not!
But anyhoo,
“I love you!”

About the poem:

There’s no use in trying to calculate if it’s okay to love or not. For me, it’s just easier to  love anyone, everyone. If they love me, and if they choose to tell me, that’s their business. Trying to remain loving in all my interactions, that’s my business.

I am aware that hearing “I love you” does freak some people out. That, also, is not my business. Or, maybe it is, but anyhoo! If that’s the worst thing I do, I can live with that!

About the author:

Joan Gregerson writes what she knows about how the heck to stay loving. She would love it if you follow her blog and buy her books on Amazon and Kindle. Or not. Anyhoo, I love you.

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