Poem: I’ll Be Your Tree


I must confess
When you said,
“I’ll be your tree”
I was not impressed
I wanted someone to rescue me
To hear my SOS
I wanted someone to swoop in
And clean up my mess
A tree? That’s all you got?

But today
The sun was a mallet
That shattered my morning plans
And left my thoughts as broken splinters
And I was a little lost

Then, I went to you
Sat in your shade
Leaned on you
In the silence
Became cool and strong
And was healed

Next time you need a friend
Okay, okay, I agree
I’ll be your tree

About the poem:

Dang, there are some big, beautiful trees in the Cherry Creek and Congress Park neighborhoods in Denver. And friendship and support, come in all varieties of healing. I tend to be the more dynamic person, but sometimes flee or give up. A tree, on the other hand, well, it’s just there as silent, strong support. And sometimes, that’s exactly what we need.

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