Poem: Smooth Move …a Haiku


Self love is first love
Fruits and veggies in my glass
A smooth move indeed

About the poem:
Watermelon and cucumber smoothie. I’m in heaven. Amen.

I grew up thinking it was selfish to take care of my own needs, guilty if I did. I know now that there is no other way to be a powerful force for good in the world without taking care… exquisite, extremely good, fabulous care, of myself first. Providing delicious, powerful nutrition from fruits and veggies via smoothies and juices is a fun, easy way to do it. Then I can go out and be the best I can be. Smooth move = good job!

Okay, one more thing. We used to joke that if you were constipated and then you …uh, moved… it was a smooth move. I think fruits and veggies help keep everything in life moving …uh… smoothly. And that’s also a good thing! haha

About the author:
In addition to writing the Positive Energy Works blog and two books on Amazon and Kindle, Joan Gregerson is the editor of an upcoming book on food. The food anthology, Twelve Months of Tasty Morsels is growing month-by-month on the tastyyear.wordpress.com blog. Hungry?

2 thoughts on “Poem: Smooth Move …a Haiku

    • This is a good one to start with, as you just throw it in the blender and don’t have to strain it. Start with mostly watermelon and a little cucumber. Later you can add greens or more cucumber, if you like!

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