Poem: Now That’s a V8! …a Haiku

2013-08-25 Tomato Juice and Celery

Leftover salad
Tomatoes and celery stalk
Now, that’s a V8!

About the poem:

Remember the advertisement for V8 Vegetable Juice   …”Wow, I coulda had a V8!”  I always thought I’d like it, but I never quite did. It always tasted a little too much like a can or something.

But, these days, I use the very ripe tomatoes and whatever veggies I have. Yesterday, I dumped the remainders of a salad and a few other tidbits in, then strained this first round. Then, I added tomatoes and cucumber, blended, but didn’t strain this mixture so it was almost chunky. Then garnished it with a celery stalk. Voila! Better than a V8 (…in my humble opinion)

And it’s easy to get eight veggies in there if you want: tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, zucchini, chard, arugula, bell pepper, hotter pepper (Anaheim or Hatch for example). That’s eight!

When I fit in a fresh juice, I just feel better inside and out!

About the author, Joan Gregerson:

I don’t think good nutrition, or life in general, needs to be hard! That’s what I write about and I would love to hear from you, in the comments! Also, check out my books on Amazon and Kindle.

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