Poem: Plenty Good Enough

2013-08-12 Erie Playground (28)


Just having a little fun
Right now
Is plenty good enough
Right now


About the poem:
in our quest to optimize every moment, we risk ruining every moment. The ability to have a little fun, to be content with that, and to savor it, paves the way for a live well-lived.

I was thinking about this last week when I was babysitting. I began to wonder, is this good enough? Should we be doing something different, something more? But, I realized, that having a little fun is often good enough. And to be distracted about a multitude of options, takes my attention away from what we’re already doing, and changes my impact on those I’m with from peaceful to stressful. So, this poem is a reminder to myself and to us caregivers  to chillax and be present!

About the author:
Joan Gregerson writes books and blogs about tips for enjoying life. She shares tips that she didn’t know her first four decades of life, which made life seem more difficult than it really is.

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