Poem: Completely Sure

2013-08-28 Denver Botanic Gardens (19)


Even when I am completely sure
About what I see
I could be completely wrong


About the poem:
Have you ever heard the story about the blind men who were all standing around an elephant. Each described what they felt from their perspective: a long trunk, a tail, a wide side. The fact that it was all the same thing seemed to be refuted by the fact that what they saw was each completely different.

This photo taken at the Denver Botanic Gardens made me think of that. We can never know what someone else is going through, or how they feel the exact same experience that we have.

Allowing for the fact that I could be wrong gives me a lot less reason to argue, and more chances to simply love. Everything. Everyone.

In this photo taken earlier this week, you are seeing two different types of water lilies: common type and the amazing round Victoria water lily and a reflection of a sculpture, trees and clouds. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Poem: Completely Sure

  1. I love your photo and your poem. It supports my philosophy that I don’t believe everything but I don’t disbelieve anything! Love and light to you on your path.

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