Poem: Do the Important Thing

2013-08-28 Denver Botanic Gardens (11)


It seems like a small thing
But to get busy
And do the important thing
Even if it’s a small thing
Is always a big thing

About the poem:
Yesterday, I walked around in the Denver Botanic Gardens. The beauty of the plants is stunning. When I noticed the bee, I felt a kinship. What a bee is doing seems small, but it is vital to the gardens that we admire (not to mention food!) After taking a 30-minute stroll, I hopped on a bicycle, then sat down at a coffee shop and started working. I enjoyed nature, but I also balanced it with the feeling of just wanting to get busy and make some progress toward the to-do list that my heart is making.

Also, yesterday was a big day in my family as two are heading out to another country to start a business. I was impressed that yes, they are following their dream. But, it is happening, in good part because they have been busily working on making it come true.

Finally, one of my favorite books is The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss. He urges readers not to work longer, but instead to work effectively. Do the most important thing first, at the beginning of the day. And again in the afternoon. Doing that every day doesn’t take long, but keeps you moving. Just getting busy doing the important thing is huge.

About the author:
Joan Gregerson blogs and writes books about how to enjoy life more, and being effective is one important way to do that. She loves to get busy and write for and hear from her readers.


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