Poem: One and a Million Stars

The one star
Fuels my day
Makes me feel proud
To get things done
Powers me
So I run
Here and there
Ticking  off items on my list
You get the gist…

But at night
Under a clear sky
A million stars
Remind me of so many
Who have looked up
Before me
Just as I’m doing tonight

A million stars
Remind me
Of those who came up with
The Big Dipper
The Seven Sisters
Orion’s Belt
They all know how I felt

A million stars
Remind me
That soon I’ll be gone

A million stars
Show me
That if I’m lucky
My light will go on
For awhile



About the poem:
Tonight, the sky is so clear. And being away from the city lights, the millions of stars decorate the sky. In an undeniable reminder, the night sky is telling me about something much bigger than the time shown on my phone. I am in awe and I’m wondering. And I’m thankful and I’m smiling.


One thought on “Poem: One and a Million Stars

  1. The stars are so fascinating. I love to look at them.

    They really are cool. Recently Don and I also saw them through a big telescope and that was also neat.
    I can dream all night just looking at the stars. One of my favourite things to do.

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