Poem: Cat Eyes



Kitty cat
Where you at?
There you are!
How did you sleep?

Kitty cat
Oh why not
I’ll sit next to you
I have nothing better to do

Kitty cat
I like your eyes
Clear and calm.
Mine too?

Kitty cat
Am I starting to look like you?

About the poem:
This week I’ve been cat sitting. Dexter is not sure about being petted, but he does like to hang out side by side. For a little while. Sometimes. At those rare times, I have to resist the urge to run around or I’ll miss those moments with him.

I’m amazed at how little cats do, and seem to be okay with it. Hmmm. A lesson here?

3 thoughts on “Poem: Cat Eyes

  1. So true, ours is content with so little. Only really asked for food, water, clean litter and love. Even with food she is so picky. Will only eat her food. Cats we have had in the past also like chicken, bacon and tuna, but not her. She is a picky cat.

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