Poem: Meander

2013-9-06 Meander

A million thoughts run through my head
Too many things to do

The only thing to do
Is to take a walk
Be amazed
By every detail
Then sit
And be

I just know
What to do

About the poem:
I took many time management classes. Get your priorities straight was the takeaway. I agree! The best way I’ve found to make sure I’m on track with my priorities, my big priorities of my life, is to spend time in stillness. And/or in nature.

This week, I’m working on finishing up many old projects, job hunting, and seeing old friends.  It’s easy to get scattered and feel frustrated. But it’s also easy to get back in balance. I took a walk on the trails in my old hometown. I took my camera and took many photographs. Then on this tiny footbridge, I sat.

I pared my to-do list down to a third of what I’d been considering, and had a very lovely day!

About the author:
Finding inner peace in every step is the key to a happy life. Read about in my books on Amazon and Kindle!


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